World Peace Sanctuary San Diego

Why World Peace Sanctuary San Diego?

A Google search for “Balboa Park” and “pictures of Balboa Park” brings a rich find of articles, information, museum schedules and beautiful pictures of a place the planners know as call “Central Mesa” that section of the Park first developed for the Panama-California Exposition of 1915. As citizens of San Diego, we take pride in our Park and have invested millions of taxpayer dollars, grants, and donations to maintain and improve this beautiful resource.

However, there is another “Balboa Park”. A Park that is forgotten, ignored and ugly. This park sits in plain view of the grandeur of Central Mesa, yet tourist will not go there.  It is a lump of coal next to the Jewels. This park is known as “East Mesa”. Separated from Central Mesa by Florida Canyon, even locals don’t think about it as a part of Balboa Park. In the center, there is a parking lot. Filled with Park and Rec maintenance vehicles, it is more reminiscent of a junk yard on the poor side of town than part of a world class park!

World Peace Sanctuary San Diego proposes to create a World Class spiritually themed multi-landscaped garden including water works, demonstration gardens, meeting facilities, educational development, and peaceful sanctuary for the visitors from around the world.

History of the East Mesa Arizona Landfill

From 1952 through 1974, the City used the Arizona Street Canyon as a sanitary landfill. An estimated 1.9 million tons of trash was buried at the 139 acre landfill. In 1987, the City graded the area as part of the extension of a storm drain system. In 1990, an elaborate underground methane capturing system was installed to funnel the gas to a controlled combustion chamber. There are 74 wells that collect methane gas and allow for a regular monitoring for potential hazardous waste seepage. Methane production continues to decrease. There is no indication that the methane represents a hazard to humans on the site. The Park and Rec nursery is at the edge of the property.

The City is responsible for maintaining the site as the waste continues to deteriorate.  The land is settling and must be filled from time to time to avoid water pooling and the potential for leaching contaminates into surrounding areas.

Summary of the East Mesa Precise Plan, Balboa Park

 Vision for Today April 13, 1993

“The East Mesa should maintain and enhance the park’s ability to serve the widest possible constituency and thus gain additional recognition as one of the country’s great urban parks.” “The East Mesa should be the place in Balboa Park for relaxed contemplation of the landscape.” “Two conditions impede national significance for the East Mesa – the lack of attracting uses and the degree of park improvements. With the potential for major public art work and continuing environmental art exhibits which incorporate the powerful landscape, national recognition could be ascribed to the East Mesa. When coupled with significant improvements to the landscape and pedestrian connections from the Prado, the East Mesa will suddenly be a draw for all types of park visitors.”

 World Peace Sanctuary San Diego is the answer to the vision of 1993

 “Peace, Tranquility, Self-Realization, and Inner Strength through oneness with the land.”

World Peace Sanctuary San Diego will be a peaceful place where man-made gardens blend with the natural beauty of the land. As we enter the Sanctuary, we are immediately uplifted and comforted by the realization that the beauty of nature is reflected in our lives. The gardens represent all of us as fellow travelers in a single world. Within the Sanctuary, the smaller inner gardens represent all beliefs of the world. Religious and secular visitors will find their own spaces to reflect, meditate, or just enjoy. Sanctuary reflects unity and the beauty of nature.

In the middle of World Peace Sanctuary San Diego, is a meeting house and open air auditorium. Here groups can meet for worship, weddings, and events: yoga sessions, meditations, and lectures on health, healing and spirituality. Visitors will find World Peace Sanctuary San Diego a welcome retreat, a place to renew, re-commit, remember and reflect.






World Peace Sanctuary San Diego is seeking approval of its plan from major civic groups and government agencies prior to initiating community awareness and fundraising.

“Peace, Tranquility, Self-Realization, and Inner Strength through oneness with the land.”

 World Peace Sanctuary San Diego proposes to develop approximately 40 acres of Balboa Park East Mesa, formerly the “Arizona Landfill,” into a world-renowned sanctuary garden.  World Peace Sanctuary San Diego will incorporate 12 unique garden areas that will reflect the spiritual connectivity of humans with our natural world.  World Peace Sanctuary San Diego is the final jewel in the crown for Balboa Park.  It converts a closed landfill into a site of beauty and enjoyment for San Diegans and visitors from around the world.